Sunday, February 24, 2008

5K "4" Fireworks Update

Today we held the first year of our 5K benefiting the fireworks over Clear Lake for the Chamber of Commerce here. I was asked to be race director mainly because I was the only runner available and I opened my mouth about creating a race. This was formerly a walk (Crawfish Crawl) attached to the Crawfish Festival which takes place at Clear Lake park in April. This year we separated the run/walk and made it a "grown up" race with all the trimmings such as timing, awards and good food. On The Run was nice enough to step up and donate their services for timing and course equipment. We had a closed course entirely run on the UHCL campus and I think people really enjoyed this, lots of trees and wildlife. So far the feedback has been great and we plan to build even more and be back next year. We will keep the same course and some of the other unique touches such as the Sunday time and the award for the biggest group of runners. I believe we will change the 10 year age groups to 5 year so we can give out more awards (though we didn't have three winners in some groups). The YMCA was another wonderful sponsor that offered a year family membership as a door prize. We were very fortunate to have so many generous organizations involved and plenty of great participants. Now I can take a breath and get some sleep....of course there was no running for me today. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Little Speed

Yesterday I did a speed workout on the treadmill at the YMCA. The schedule for today consisted of 400's in 1:20 or so. Actually I got on the treadmill and after a mile of warmup I punched it up to 6:03 and just told myself to run until I got in a quarter mile then I jogged for a quarter and went again at the same speed for another quarter. I like to make up workouts as I go along. This is not at all scientific but it beats the boredom that usually sets in when I follow a real schedule. Things just go better for me this way so I follow the flow. I guess I got in 6 fast reps and then decided it was time to get the kids and go home for dinner. The treadmill gave me a headache but I know it will pay off. I will try to go faster or add incline once I reach 8 to 10 reps. Maybe....

Today I met the Clear Lake group for 5 miles from Kroger. This was a relaxed run for me as my legs are sore from yesterday. I guess it has been awhile since I did speed work so I shouldn't be too surprised. This weekend I think I will run the Race Against Violence 5K on Saturday. I have wanted to run this for several years but have never had the opportunity. I volunteered for the Women's Center in college and am amazed with the strong talented women they have on their staff that deal with tough situations everyday. Anyway have a great Wednesday!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Run, a Race and Another Monday

I met the Clear Lake girls for a 9 miler on Saturday that turned out to be a tough run for me. We started at the Kemah bridge and then headed for the Seabrook trails. The good conversation was all that got me through. I try to make it a policy to never discuss politics but I was glad for the distraction and debating. Actually we all agreed on this subject so there was not really too much to debate but it is always interesting to hear another angle on the world. Anyway it was humid and I swallowed some unknown bug at mile 6 or so. Wow that was fun. I hacked up a lung and then got through the rest of the run with no other problems. We went to Starbucks to relax and of course get some major gabbing in. I think this is definately my favorite part of running. I have met a bunch of really nice people in the 5 years I have been attempting this sport. This is what keeps me getting out there. Sunday was the school fun run which was a blast. There was a 1.3 K and a 5K race and of course my kids did the 5K. They are inching closer to finishing their miles for Marathon Kids. I think they have 6 miles to go. My daughter was first in her group (2nd grade girls) and my son was 1st in his group (1st grade boys). We let the kids decide where to go for dinner and after I helped clean up we headed to Pei Wei.

Today was rather uneventful with catching up on work and a quick 5 miler around the neighborhood. Now maybe I can race to the gym for some much needed core work.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Missed Marathon

I suppose I should update my three readers on the Surfside that was not to be. I woke up last weekend feeling much less than 100%. Mike was still sick from the previous week so we were thinking maybe this marathon thing was a bad idea. The temperature pretty much sealed the deal with a reading of 60 degrees at 4:40 am. So we ditched the marathon death march for a nice relaxing breakfast at La Madeline's. Definately much more enjoyable! So anyway now my schedule will consist of shorter faster training in hopes that I can improve my half marathon, 10 K and 5K times. I really like the half so much better, but I guess most sane people do. Not that I am sane but either way I really look forward to the shorter runs. Next up will be Rodeo Run. This will be a first for me and it should be interesting.

Here at the homefront I am trying to wrap up the last minute details before my race next weekend. I will insert one more link for those who missed the last one I am also going to be helping out with the school 5K on Sunday so I can learn the ropes for next year. I think that will be a much less stressful race to direct with no sponsors to find and endless pavement pounding to get people to sign up. Soccer starts for the kids week after next so my Saturday racing options will be limited. That is my life for now.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rest & A Neighborhood Run

I am pretty much in resting mode right now and focusing on things like work. I was also volunteered to be the race director for a 5K at the University of Houston Clear Lake on February 24th (more details can be found at and click on community events tab). I hope we have a good turnout since it is the first year so there will be some bumps in the road. I completely appreciate what race directors go through now. I was so oblivious to all the behind the scenes stuff that goes on. Man I will be glad to leave February behind!

Anyway I did an easy 4 miler yesterday and absolutely nothing today. Tomorrow I plan to run with the Clear Lake group for 5-7 miles and then maybe just call it a week. I guess I should be nervous about Surfside on Saturday but I am just hoping to have an enjoyable time and some good food afterwards.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My First 5K in a Long Time

I can't actually remember how long it has been since my last 5K. Anyway I decided it was time to get some speed back into my routine. I entered the Galloway 5K at the Kemah Boardwalk at the last minute in an effort to pep up my training schedule. The race turned out to be better than expected. I came in at 20:39 which was good enough for first in my age group. The lead girls were in sight the whole time but unfortunately I had no kick whatsoever at the end. I was happy to just coast in behind them. This gives me hope that with some speed work I may go under 20 sometime before the marathon season starts again in the fall. I guess after Surfside I can focus my attention on that goal. The race was very well organized with lots of family activities. My kids ran the 5K and had a blast doing arts and crafts at the post race party. Definately fun for the whole family. Well I must get to bed as I have a long run in the morning.