Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Race and Other Stuff

I actually ran a race recently and was happy with my time. The Ten for Texas was held later this year due to the hurricane. Last year I ran slower but placed better and this year the reverse happened. I ran a 1:10 and placed 4th in my age group this is a two minute PR for me so I can't really complain. There were lots of fast girls there so I knew I had some work to do. Erin sped by at mile 4 looking great and I never saw her again until I crossed the finish. Some of the others I was able to reel back in all the way to the last mile. Anyway it was a good race with lots of food after. On Tuesday I started feeling yucky and went to bed at 3 in the afternoon. Wednesday I went to the doctor and found out I had strep throat and then went straight home to bed again. This morning I felt much better but my throat still hurts. I am thinking more rest is in order this afternoon. I hope I can still do a long run this weekend, I need at least 17 miles.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Weekend Plans

I am tired this week and have a major headache this morning. I am not in the mood to work so I thought I would get off task and update the blog. I am happy about Tuesday but Obama is inheriting a big mess. This weekend is the 25K which I wanted to run but I know I am not ready. Again I will opt out of the race and go for a long run with the group. I would really like to run a Thanksgiving race but my experience with the TXU Turkey Trot was not very good last year. I really wish they would have a timed 5K event. The course they had last year was terrible and at the end of the race the 10K runners got stuck weaving in and out of walkers at the end of the 5K. This Thanksgiving we may just sleep in and have our own run in the neighborhood. I hope everyone has a great weekend and good luck in the 25K!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Crazy Weekend

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween. This weekend was nonstop and included very little running. Actually I did fit running in just not in the traditional go for a run and complete this many miles. Mike was gone working with Rice football in El Paso so I was left to take the kids out to collect candy and get them to their games on Saturday. I worked a half day Friday and then got the kids at school so we could get home to carve our pumpkins before the nights activities started. My dad came over to see the kids and help out where needed. After a late night we were all exhausted but we were out of bed at a reasonable hour Saturday to get ready for soccer. There were snacks for the team to prepare and uniforms to gather and quickly wash. These things were done and we managed the throw everything in the car and only be a few minutes late to Tabitha's game. She played on one end of the soccer fields and Alex played half a mile down on the other end. I parked near his game to unload the snacks and drinks. He was in place with his team and then I ran back to watch the more of Tabitha's game which was starting the second quarter. I am happy to say just as I arrived she made a goal! I spent the rest of the time running back and forth to catch as much of both games as I could. We won both games! I think the parents thought I was very odd. Oh well I got to see the games and get in a little running.

Sunday I couldn't get up due to another late night. Mike's plane landed at 2 am and the kids were up and down waiting for him to get home. The day flew by with general errands to be done. I managed to get on the treadmill at 6 pm for around 5 miles of interval training. Hopefully today I will be able to make it to the gym and get back on track. I have races I would like to do this season but so far things have not lined up for me. I have also decided to change my plans and run the half instead of the full. I need to get myself in gear and switch over before it is too late. I have no idea when the deadline is...