Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday at the Boardwalk

Today I ran at the boardwalk in Kemah and we mixed in some hills at the parking garage there. I didn't feel like running the bridge today so we stuck to the beaten path. I felt beaten today after only 4 miles. Anyway I don't think I am a good morning runner. My alarm went off at 4:15 am and all I thought was this is way too early. I made myself get up because I knew someone was waiting and canceling was not an option today. I like Mondays and Fridays because I run in the afternoon before circuit class. My brain is too tired to think about much more today so I think this will be short if not sweet. Until tomorrow (or whenever I get myself in the blogging mood again)....

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Monday

So we arrive at another Monday. Mine started busy and has now slowed a bit so I decided to update my 3 readers about my latest running happenings. Not much very thrilling though I made it to yet another long run yesterday which is really good considering my record lately. The long run was fine for about 5 miles then I started to hurt. Around 8 miles I wanted to give up and walk which is what I did for a bit. A fellow BCRRer came upon me and encouraged me to jog for a little while after this we picked up the pace for a few telephone poles and then had another recovery. This is how it went until we made it back to the 0 mark and I felt pretty good about my effort on the hard repeats. The heat really got me but I will keep fighting my way through and hopefully come out stronger and faster when the cool weather arrives.

This morning I ran while my daughter rode her bike. The bike seems to be her new found passion in life. We started at about an 8 min mile and brought it down to 6:30 at the end so this was a pretty good workout for the both of us. She got some good practice for her upcoming kids tri on the 28th. I printed out a schedule for her and tonight we will head for the neighborhood pool after I pick them up. She will have to be able to swim 50 meters without stopping then bike 1 mile and run a quarter mile. The biking and running will be no problem and we are currently working on the swimming. She is so excited and thought it was really cool that you get to write your number on your arms.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Back to Blogging

I guess I have sort of fallen off the wagon as far as blogging goes. I really have no main focus to my training lately except to actually run most days. I showed up for the Bayou City run yesterday and did pretty decently for the heat. I really just want to make it through these hot runs right now and not beat myself up about pace. The treadmill is where I try to keep the pace below 8 min miles so that this will become my all day pace and will be doable in a marathon around December or January. I have had some individuals attempt to lobby for San Antonio but I just think it is too much of a gamble. Some times the weather is pleasant but more often it is way too warm being early November. It is usually the weekend summer tries to make one last appearance. I liken this race to the Space City 10 miler which you know is always going to be miserable. I have pretty much given up on that event. Gone are the days when I show up to a death march. Anyway summer is here and now I just have to deal. The instructor in my circuit class has become fond of dragging us out to the dirt track at 4:30 pm for 12 minutes of sprinting during which I think my head will explode. I know it is only 12 minutes but man it hurts. So anyway onward and upward or something positive.