Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Killer Wednesday

I failed to wake up to meet the people at Kroger this morning so I had to pack my stuff and get to the gym after work. I managed to make it to the gym and warm up for a mile on the treadmill before my circuit class. I had the good fortune of being the odd man out when we picked partners so I got the teacher and he pretty much kicked my butt. We did a series of cardio drills with weights mixed in for 30 minutes straight. We then rested and went into rotating sets of weights, push ups, and three minutes of cardio for the next 30 minutes. I managed to stay pretty strong during this set but I wanted to collapse at the end. I was so tired and we finished up with crunches. I was the overachiever that finished first and got rewarded with our trainer telling me to do another set. Yea! I really wanted to run some more after but I was way too exhausted. I think it is time for some TV and bed...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday 5K

The family ran the Summer Kick-Off Run in League City this morning. There were a lot of people but not too many of the regular racers. I ran the race with my son Alex in hopes of getting him under 30 minutes. I have had a cold for the last few days so I knew there would be no PR today for me so I had planned to not run at all. The kids had other ideas so I started out with them and at the half way point Tabitha slowed down and I told her to just keep going at her own pace. Alex and I stayed steady until the last half mile where I encouraged him to speed up and give it all he had. I knew he still had something because he was talking the whole time. He thought he could not speed up but when he saw the yellow finish banner he took off. He ended with 30:24. He was very happy and now he feels like soon he will be under 30 which I think is awesome especially for a 6 year old. I think he does so well because he just loves to run , maybe it is genetic. The race took place at my old high school which has been remodeled since I went there some 16 years ago (how time flies). After the race we walked around to look st the new campus. That was strange because it was hard for me to remember where things were with all the new additions. Things look really nice now and they kept the open courtyard in the middle of campus. Anyway that was fun then we took a trip to Starbucks before heading home. Now I must get going so we can get some yard work done.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Trying to Keep Up

I am going to the gym today. Really I am. I ran maybe three miles yesterday and did the class at the Y. I missed garages today because I just couldn't get myself up. There is not much time to run lately much less blog about running. OK I had better go now otherwise time will just get away again...

Friday, May 2, 2008


So I made it through the week and am feeling good that it is Friday. Work has calmed down and now I can focus more on running. That's what it's about right? Anyway I think I will opt for a long run instead of a race this weekend. They all seem so far away and I really don't want to drive for an hour to run 20 minutes give or take. I am just not in the mood. So maybe we will go to memorial or meet with Kenyan Way. I will wait to see what the people want to do. Not much else going on running wise. Wednesday I ran just under 5 miles at a relaxed pace. Today I have my circuit challenge class. Wish me luck!