Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Missed Workout (Sort Of)

I have now caught up on all of my blog reading so now I can get around to posting something. I missed my track workout last night due to a late meeting. I was really bothered by this since I had just started to get into training again. I got home about 7:30 pm and quickly changed to do my track on the treadmill. This was a hard workout mainly because the treadmill is very hard mentally and I just wanted to be finished. The workout was 4X 400 meters, 5 minute rest, 4X 400 meters. The good thing about being on the treadmill was all I had to do was set the speed and keep up. I didn't reduce the speed the entire workout so I was happy about that. I even raised the incline for good measure. I felt terrible this morning but I still met the Kroger group for a 5 miler at 5 am. Today at work I am ready to just fall asleep but sadly I have another evening meeting and I just hope I can survive. Happy Wednesday to all!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Track

I went to the track workout at CL High School yesterday as I knew it was time and I needed a good kick in the pants. The workout was 6 x 800 with three minutes rest between. I looked up the splits I would need in order to be in shape to run a sub 20 5K. I know you are supposed to enter the time you have done for your best race and I couldn't stop myself from entering 19:45 for a 5K and seeing what the calculator spit back. I have not managed that time yet but I was curious. The splits it gave were between 2:59-3:08. This has been possible in the past but I have not been to the track in like 2 years so this could be very bad. The results were:

1st 800 3:00

2nd 800 3:06

3rd 800 3:08

4th 800 turned into 400 in 1:30 or so

5th 800 3:09

I only made it to 5 and I was done. After recovering a bit I wish I had done the last rep. Anyway I went and showed my face and I didn't do too bad considering my complete lack of track work. I am still alive to tell about it and I even ran 7 miles this morning with the Kroger group. I am making my way back to real training and I just hope I can stick to it. Tomorrow I am venturing to the tempo workout for more punishment.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back to the Land of the Running

I am no longer directing any sort of race so now I can get back to actually running a race. I have to say I did like directing my kids elementary school fun run because the kids really got into it. Adults are very concerned with details like do we have their shirt size? or what will the course be? Kids are just ready to run. I think adults just think too much about it and let the mental things hold us back. I really wish I could run like I did when I was 7 and didn't have a care in the world except beating some boy to the finish that had talked trash about girls (wait that sounds familiar, I guess I still do that).

Anyway we had a relaxing beginning to spring break with a trip to the Hyatt Hill Country resort in San Antonio. This is a great family getaway with things to do for everyone. Mike and I played golf on Saturday and spent Sunday at the spa. The Fitness center is nice and since the weather was cold in the mornings I ran a quick 3 miles on the treadmill and did some weights. The weather warmed up enough on Sunday afternoon for the kids to play in the pool and lazy river. We were all ready to leave Monday and get back to the real world (well maybe not all of us). I hope it was a good racing weekend for all...