Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting There

As of Thursday I have convinced myself to get back to the regular running thing. I joined the Y again and have been going with Mike since Thursday. We get on the treadmill no later than 5 am (this stinks) and then hit the weights (arms or legs on alternating days). I have learned it is hard to run fast so early in the morning but I have little choice about the time. I am typing this with a major headache and I really would love to go back to bed! I guess I just need to start getting to bed earlier. These last few days have made me feel really out of shape. This morning I was so sleepy I typed the treadmill up higher than I meant too so at the end of my run when I went to up the speed I realized I was already running at the speed I wanted to finish at. No wonder it felt so hard today! I would really like to target a race but nothing is really jumping out at me. Something with breakfast tacos at the end would be good so if you know of anything let me know.