Friday, September 26, 2008

More About Ike

This storm has touched us all in some way. I definitely have guilt over having no damage after the storm. So strange how we were left alone and others in our neighborhood can't even live in their houses anymore. So strange. I got the call to help a friend last night and to see the devastation they suffered was horrific. After soccer practice me and the kids headed over to Seabrook near Meador park and the trails. Our friend lives just off Meyer street and you can barely get down the street for all the debris there. The house looks like it is new construction from the inside. Everything has been gutted and removed. Today they are finishing the insulation. I went over last night to move some fish from their old tank to a new home. The wooden base of the old tank had to be thrown out. We emptied the tank and moved everything to the curb. I wanted to help with more and said I would be back to help paint the walls when they are ready and clean all of their belongings that were salvageable. So much more to be done and I just feel so bad about the situation. I suppose all you can do is help and be there...

So many need help. I think the running community should unite in some type of race or fundraising effort like the Hurricane Relief 5K or Take a Hike Ike 5K or something. Just a thought.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Seven Mile Morning and Class

I ran with the group in Clear Lake yesterday morning for seven miles and came home exhausted. I think I am still tired from Sunday's long run. I didn't give an inch on my workouts Monday and Tuesday which probably also adds to my lack of energy yesterday. I felt better in the afternoon and decided to head to class at the Y. I really started out not liking the trainer that leads the class when I started a few months ago. I now think he has grown on me and this class has made me much stronger. I have faithfully followed my weekday ritual of three miles fast on the treadmill followed by the cardio challenge class. I love this class so much because it is really tough. We do running drills, hills and various weight and cardio combos. Some of my fellow runners have seen this class in action and were a little afraid. I figure if I can get through I come out on the other side stronger and a better runner. Theo our leader is tough and a little arrogant at times but he really just wants us to get stronger and reach our goals. He definitely took some getting used to. I had to come to class for a few months before he would even call me by name. I found out later this is what he does to all newbies. You have to earn his respect and show that you will keep coming back and work hard. Despite his attitude toward me at first I knew I had to keep showing up because after one class I felt like I worked harder than running a marathon. I rationalized if I could build up my tolerance a fast marathon would be in my future. Let's hope this works!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The First Post Ike Long Run

I ran at Memorial park for the first time since the storm. I arrived about 10 till 6 and the place was pitch black and almost deserted, very strange. There was only one stretch of the trail lit which really made me uneasy. Against my better judgement I set off to do my loop before meeting Bayou City at 6:30. I got about half a mile and I felt like turning around as I kept seeing things in the shadows and I thought I may misstep and break an ankle. I kept going and came upon other runners with flashlights (something I will bring next week). I tagged along and made it through unscathed thankfully. The rest of the run went well and was spent mostly discussing who had power and who was still without. I was really tired at the end but I made it through between 14 or 15 miles (not sure watch flaked after first three). I will keep it there for another two weeks or so and then move on to 16 or so. I felt better than expected after. When we got home from church I took a much needed nap while the kids watched Harry Potter. I will be back to the gym the rest of the week.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life After Ike

Now that Ike left town Clear Lake is busy cleaning up the mess. Our house had only a few roof tiles missing and some debris in the yard. No trees or fences down in our yard. The kids are out of school and we are trying to keep them busy and productive. That is not an easy task. We are also helping in the cleaning efforts of family close by. I have learned a few things over the past few days:

  • Being in good physical shape really helps to get through being without power. The rest of my family felt the effects of no power this weekend much more than I did. Those long runs in the summer got me used to the heat and humidity more that I realized.
  • I can work longer in the yard than many of my family members and not get tired. Running has given me much more energy.
  • I can live without power if needed but water is something I would really really miss.
  • I am scared at how crippled we become without power.
  • I would still stay through the next storm. (I have stayed through many growing up in Houston. Staying enabled us to assess the little damage we did get while the storm was in progress and we were able to start cleaning and repairing immediately after. This really helped us being that we are self-employed and had to be back to work for our customers when they got back in town. I will also say we were not effected by the surge though we were in an evacuation zone so this is good to know for next time. I would leave if we were in more of a flood prone area.)
  • I am so thankful that we are safe and intact.

I did not run Saturday, Sunday or Monday and I really started getting restless. I got back to the gym yesterday. I will probably be on the treadmill for the next few days because trying to run around here is rather dangerous. There are lots of trees down and debris everywhere. I went for a run Tuesday outside and I thought I would break an ankle trying to dodge everything in my path. So that is life for now. My thoughts are with everyone as Houston makes it's way back...