Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A New Running Friend

I mentioned in a previous post that we had lost our wonderful dog Lucy recently. She was the greatest dog (I am now a dog person because of her!) I know I will always miss her. I knew I wanted another dog so over Thanksgiving week I took the kids to a local animal shelter. Our new dog would have to be a rescue like Lucy was. Anyway we head to the shelter and get checked in with badges and all then we proceed to the puppy area. The dogs all looked so ready to get out of there and it was rather distressing. I spotted a puppy in the corner just quiet in his cage and that was it he had to go home with us. He is very sweet and calm. The kids were not very picky, they just wanted a cute dog. Jake was one of only four pups there that day. The girls that worked there told me they were busy the day before. I guess because he was quiet people weren't interested but I liked his calm demeanor. So we get him home and he is really scared being in a new place. Gradually he starts to eat and feel comfortable around us. He starts to seem a little too quiet to me. A few days later we take him back to the shelter to have a vet look at him and we get some unsettling news. She thinks he has either Kennel Cough (not so bad) or Distemper (definitely bad). He gets some medicine and we are told he will either get better or much worse. Wow, so we are really upset and I watch him closely for the next week as he takes his meds. He starts to get more active and is still eating and drinking so I figure that is good. I also decide to take him to our local vet just to get their take on the situation. Our local vet says it is not Distemper, just Kennel Cough and he will recover in a few days. I am happy to say his is getting better and is now acting like he is ready to start getting outside and getting in shape. He is still really calm for a puppy and he actually does what we tell him to. He is good with the kids though he is weary of strangers (which I guess is good). I am still trying to figure out what type of dog he is, the shelter had him listed as a lab mix. I suppose I need to post some pictures and maybe someone will have an idea...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Running State Of Mind

Lately I have wondered what attracts me to running. My motivation has been at an all time low yet running is still on my mind. I remember when I was fast (all relative I know) and I ran with the fast people. I enjoyed the competition and was constantly looking to improve and reach higher goals. I think the first thing that really hooked me 6 years ago was that running was an escape, a place where my mind was only in the moment. My problems were never solved during a run and I never thought about world peace or whatever only how I was feeling or if I could pick up the pace to catch the runner ahead. I would listen to my friends discuss their lives and comment if I had the breath. On an easy run I could joke and laugh and just enjoy the experience still never thinking of my non running self. These days I am happy if I get in 2-3 miles in a morning and I notice how much better I feel when I do. Maybe it is because I took a moment to just exist quietly in my mind and turn off the rest of the noise. I guess this is why I am jealous when I am speeding to my various appointments throughout the day and I catch a glimpse of a runner out my window. I always think about that state of mind and wonder when I will be there again.