Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Year Goes By

I am now another year older as of Tuesday. The years seem to be going faster all the time. I used to hate when people said I looked much younger than my age and now it makes my day. Those comments are coming fewer and further between but oh well. Still the same age group (35-39). The funny thing is when I look up race results I still look up 30-34 out of habit. I have been in the new group for over a year and still forget! When I passed thirty I started forgetting my age when people would ask. I notice as I get closer to forty I am starting to remember. I love when my son (he is 8) talks about something far in the future like when he is an adult and he says "mom you won't be around then so don't worry". Kids are great. So hopefully I will get to more races this year and participate in my new and improved age group before I become a masters runner (that's when it gets really tough).


Bert said...

Happy belated birthday - we must have the same birthday - May 25? Geminis rule.

Priscilla said...

Thanks! Yes May 25th, Happy Belated Birthday to you also!