Friday, May 21, 2010

Just Tired

No running for me in the last two days. I have been really tired due to work obligations. The last few days were spent at an expo meeting some really great business contacts and leaving me really exhausted. My job is essentially talking to people all day long and creating customer relationships. I love what I do and can talk plenty (ask anyone that runs with me). My favorite running peeps are those that can run and talk without giving me dirty looks when I want to socialize. What's up with that anyway? I have run with all types: the serious fast types (not talkers), the slower jolly types, the medium speed want to be fast serious types, the medium speed happy to be medium types and the fast but don't get all serious and edgy types. My favorite are those that are happy to be running and happy with where they are. My long run each week is a time to escape the gym and enjoy running outside. My Clear Lake friends are great and many could run circles around me but prefer to slow down a bit and enjoy the company and the run. We look out for each other and slow the pace if someone does not feel good that day. We also share jokes and talk politics (at least we have one other Democrat in the group to agree with me!) Tomorrow morning I will venture out to the trails in Seabrook to meet my friends for a run over the bridge then we will enjoy coffee at the Kemah Boardwalk. I can't think of a better way to start my weekend!

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Bert said...

We should run together some time - I am a big-time talker!