Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Marathon Madness

Wow what madness has descended on the runners in Houston over the hometown race going to a lottery system. I used to be a marathoner. I never had much love for the race either. I ran this race for the challenge and I was just a little mad myself for never being satisfied with my times. I ran the Boston marathon and then just lost the fire within to keep pursuing a marathon PR. I am now a less respectable half marathoner. Not that those who run this race are less respectable but somehow I am made to feel this way many times. Anyway I am going to enter the lottery in hopes of running the half marathon. I do not understand the half people that register for the full knowing they are going to switch. I think you just register for the race you are going to run with no switching allowed. Just like life you run the race you are meant to run end of story. So your marathon training does not go as planned then pick another race. So you get injured then pick another race. Other major races do not have a half you can switch to and you just get over it and pick another race. That said if you do not like the lottery then pick another race. Yes I will be disappointed if I don't make the cut, but there are other half marathons and new places to explore.

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elf said...

I'm so with you on that. I get tired of marathoners looking down on half-marathoners. Can't we all just be runners?

And, if you're ever looking for a good half to run, we have lots of them around here. Our guest room is always open...:-)