Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back Again

So I guess it is time to write a short and sweet update. Thanks to a friend I have decided to attempt blogging again. Life has been busy and ever changing. I have decided to embark on a job search which has proved to be a big learning experience. Things have gone well. Actually better than I expected yet the whole interviewing thing is really rather unnerving. I am in sales and love it but I hate when the interviewer tells me to sell them a pencil. Yuck. I guess that is just one of those questions I will continue to get. Anyway on to running. I have been running with friends around my neighborhood and at the trails in Seabook. Just running for fun and I have no races planned. I think that will most likely be my running life for the time being. Racing will probably take a back seat as it has for the last 2-3 years. Honestly the last real race I had was probably 2007. I was proud of myself for running at the gym the last 2 days and not staying in my warm bed. I have a lingering cough and do not relish the idea of running in 30 degree weather. I think tomorrow will be another gym day. To quote the Starbucks guy this morning, stay warm and classy!

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